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How architectural film can help create a positive experience in hotels

by Jack Carr

Customer experience has never been so important in the hotel environment. How important I hear you ask? Well. Ryan O’Leary, a Sprinklr writer tells us that ...

A guide to staying on trend with architectural films

by Leanne Wytcherley

How do we stay on trend in our own lives? How do we get accepted on a day to day basis by the people around us? We must wear the right clothes, take part i...

A guide to ordering the perfect sign

by Kyle Giles

If you work in the signage industry, you’ll be all too familiar with how it works when ordering a sign. Somebody emails over a request, another individual re...

3 vinyl features all vehicle wrappers need to know

by Clare Robinson

Vehicle wrapping has developed massively since the early days of using standard signage vinyl to wrap vehicles! No more 1220mm wide rolls resulting in countl...

Win projects with film

by Lindsay Appleton

What is film? Is that going to last? How much is that going to be? Are just some of the questions you might be asked when pitching architectural finishes to ...

The new way to design hotels

by Lindsay Appleton

The year of 2019 is set to be a make it or break it one for Hotels around the UK with growth levels declining! Be the one to buck this trend. Money makes th...