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Website Refurbishment Complete

The new and improved Architextural website is now live!

The last 12 months has seen a shift of emphasis in the way we all live our lives, but not only that, we have seen a change in the way businesses operate. This has been no different for Architextural. Over the last year we have focussed heavily on digital, and as part of this the Architextural website has been revamped. With the overall objective of improving the user experience for you, visitors to our website.

Feedback has been taken on board and the necessary improvements have been made to the website. As a result, the site is much more suiting to the Architextural market, and with the platform being optimised on both desktop and mobile devices, this will provide an easy to use, centralised hub for visitors.

Inspiration is king. A goal we set ourselves was to make the platform more aspirational, and we really believe this goal has been met. The dedicated inspiration page shows you exactly what is possible in interior design with architectural films. Not only will you be able to see the design possibilities much clearer, being able to see the choice of finish has never been so easy. Representation of the different patterns is much improved, giving visitors a real feel for the different options at their disposal.

Architextural Web Campaign_Linkedin_Messaging 04.jpg

Let’s take a look at some of the key features on the new site:

  • Simplified sampling; you can order your samples today easier than ever. Simply add a sample to your shopping basket, and receive these within 24 hours.
  • Request an installer; have a project where architectural finishes could be used? You can request an installer to get in touch with you in just a few clicks.
  • Easy navigation; the navigation is now much more streamlined, with the location of particular finishes much more accessible.
  • Product search; want to search for a specific code or product? No problem. You can simply use the search bar to reach your desired location quickly.
  • Inspiration gallery; as mentioned, the new inspiration gallery shows you exactly what is possible in a range of different environments with film.
  • Blogs; blogs have remained a big part of the Architextural site, providing both insightful and educational content for visitors.

website homepage.jpgSo. Where do you go to see the new site? To answer simply, the same place as before. The URL is staying the same so you can visit the site at www.architextural.co.uk. Tell us what you think. We are always looking to improve, so any feedback on the updated website is really encouraged.

Not only has the Architextural website seen an update, the William Smith website has also been overhauled. With the site a lot more user-friendly and mobile optimised, along with some new features, it’s something you really should see. Visit the site at www.williamsmith.co.uk.

If you have any queries about either of the new websites, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can do this by calling us on 01833 690305 or by emailing jack@williamsmith.co.uk.

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