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Thinsulate CC75; thermal efficiency without the calories

The nights are drawing in and the work day is getting colder, and that means one of two things. Either workers snuggle up in their nice warm workplaces and crack on with their day, or they cower away from their drafty windows and wage war on the property manager until he or she swears that this year they really will get better insulation.

But upgrading from single- to double-pane windows can be expensive and invasive; many workplaces are hindered by the sheer scale of the task, while others operating out of listed buildings have even less freedom in the interest of preservation. Fortunately, there is a solution which is quicker, more affordable and requires no disruptive construction techniques to fit.

What is it?

3M™ Thinsulate™ Climate Control 75 is a specially designed Low E, or low emissivity, insulating window film. Emissivity is the amount of thermal radiation naturally expended by an object; the lower the emissivity, the less heat an object radiates.

How does it work?

The secret behind Thinsulate Window Film is that it has the capacity to both reflect heat in warm weather and retain heat in the cooler months. Thinsulate can increase the insulation performance of a single-glazed window to closer to that of a double-glazed window, and up double-glazing to nearly the standard of triple. There are many benefits of fitting 3M Thinsulate Film – some are obvious, but others might not be so clear.

Benefits of using Thinsulate

Thinsulate Window Film has a warranty of 15 years and are applied internally, so businesses within the property need not worry about losing operating hours during fitting. As the films are virtually invisible, they don’t interfere with the clarity of incoming light and do not compromise the aesthetics of the building itself.

Benefits for offices and workplaces

Offices and other commercial properties lose nearly 40% of their heat through underperforming windows. The product can increase the insulation performance of windows by 40%, with a clear contribution to reducing a property’s heating and air conditioning costs.

Benefits for listed buildings

The lack of aesthetic and architectural interference is a real boon in the case of historical properties, whose attempts at increased energy efficiency are often hampered by building restrictions. Furthermore, Thinsulate can be applied to both plain and patterned glass without compromising aesthetics or efficiency, and even provides UV protection for antique objects, carpeting and furnishings, bolstering both modern energy efficiency and historical preservation in one fell swoop.

What’s in it for you?

Thinsulate Window Film is recommended for anyone looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to increase the insulation performance of their property, and with the cold coming in fast, all those who can provide such a product should be in very high demand.

We are the master distributer of 3M Thinsulate window film in the UK, and offer our trade customers full advice and guidance in choosing the right product for every application. If you think this is something your clients will be interested in and are keen to learn more, click to find out more about Thinsulate window film.

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