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Post Office finds savings with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Ideal for refreshing and refurbishing buildings, DI-NOC finishes have been used in a major refurbishment programme undertaken by the Post Office and implemented by leading corporate signage specialist Sign 2000.

Developed by 3M as a cost-effective design solution for interior and exterior new building construction and/or refurbishment projects, DI-NOC finishes provided the perfect solution for the Post Office Network Transformation Project, which involved 6,500 main and local category outlets.

According to Sign 2000’s New Business Director, Steve Spackman: “The particular appeal of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes was that it was possible, at a relatively low cost, to refurbish all of the service counters at these sites rather than having to meet the high cost of replacement, thereby enabling savings to be made by the Post Office.” Based on current statistics, the predicted total volume of DI-NOC finishes to be used will be in the region of 5,000 metres.

Steve Spackman added: “DI-NOC finishes were chosen for the product’s suitability for high-end refurbishment projects combined with the cost-effectiveness, versatility and durability provided by this remarkable 3M product.”

DI-NOC finishes feature 3M Controltac adhesive with 3M Comply air release channels for easier fitting and a professional finish. They also provides a powerful bond to almost any substrate. DI-NOC finishes are available in hundreds of patterns and finishes, resembling natural materials and other types of surfaces including various woods, metal, marble, leather, carbon fibre and stucco.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, DI-NOC finishes conform to European fire safety regulations (Class A flammability rating and Class B on some designs). DI-NOC finishes have a 12 year internal and 5 year external warranty (DI-NOC for exteriors has a 10 year warranty) can be removed easily when future changes or upgrades are required. Ideal applications include service counters, furniture, doors, partitions, columns, elevators, ceilings and walls.

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