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Omnia Vinyl Brings 3M DI-NOC to Canary Wharf

Omnia Vinyl Ltd, a company that specialises in lift car, lift landing refurbishments and advertising from Swindon have completed a staggering project, where they have installed 1,536m of 3M DI-NOC to the lifts within the 200m high Newfoundland apartment building, at the forefront of Canary Wharf.

The task that was given to Omnia Vinyl was that their clients wanted a subtle gold effect on the lift entrances from floors 3-58 of the building. On each floor of the building there were 4 passenger lifts which serviced the building, meaning 4 entrances, 4 indicators and 2 full height call button panels that required wrapping on each floor of the building. Not only that, the time that was set to complete such a huge refurb was just 35 days!

lift wrap door.jpg

‘’The client had already chosen PA-046 from the 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes range. Alongside other companies, we were asked to carry out a demo installation wrap on site. Following the high-quality completion of our trial installation, this ensured that ourselves were the chosen company to take this lift wrap project forward.’’ Said Gareth Watkinson, of Omnia Vinyl Ltd.

‘’Given the size of the project, we broke the installation down into 3 phases. Phase 1: All surfaces that required no interaction with the lifts (architraves, indicators, LOP’s). Phase 2: Lift entrance frames (2x lifts at a time controlled on preference by Omnia Vinyl). Phase 3: Lifts doors (2x lifts at a time controlled by onsite OTIS engineers). Phase 1 and 2 were started simultaneously, with a 15-day target for completion for both phases. This was achieved on target keeping the project on track for phase 3 and a 20-day target for the door wrapping was made. We completed the door wrapping in 18 days all while working with the OTIS engineers to ensure their own programme of testing and commissioning ran to schedule.’’

Gareth Added; ‘’The whole lift wrap project delivered 2 days ahead of the agreed 35 day accelerated programme, which speaks volumes about the product used.’’

The numbers involved in this lift wrap:

  • 1536m of vinyl installed
  • 672 Large architrave panels wrapped
  • 672 Small frame sections wrapped
  • 448 Door panels wrapped
  • 222 Floor indicators wrapped
  • 112 Full height call button panels wrapped

lift wrap during.jpg

This project from Omnia Vinyl perfectly encapsulates what 3M DI-NOC architectural film is all about. In this application, the product really has delivered from a number of different angles. For example, the product came up trumps in the trial install of this project. Not only was the install performed well by the skilled installers, the quality of the film was impressive enough to be chosen to be used in such a high-end location. The design capabilities of this product also really came to the floor. With up to 1000 finishes to choose from, you are unquestionably going to find what you’re looking for with DI-NOC and that came true here with pattern PA-046 fitting the clients design needs perfectly. Finally, we can’t forget about the speed of installation. The flexibility and ease of application allowed for the team at Omnia Vinyl to complete this staggering install inside 35 days!

‘’The support we receive from William Smith Group 1832 really is appreciated. Not only do they have an outstanding product in 3M DI-NOC, the service and knowledge they provide is ever so helpful, and we look forward to continue working with the company in the future.’’

lift wraps.jpg

As mentioned, 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes design offering is truly unlimited. With 1000 patterns at your fingertips, and over 500 of those are stocked locally by William Smith Group 1832, accessible by the metre and for next day delivery, William Smith can cater for all of your design needs.

To find out more about our customer Omnia Vinyl Ltd and their services visit www.omniavinyl.co.uk, or email info@omniavinyl.co.uk.

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