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New Envision Wrap Films with 100% Printer Compatibility

Have you heard about the latest non-PVC print wrap films from 3M? Not only do they represent great value, but they also deliver many benefits over existing wrapping films, with 100% printer compatibility too!

This new non-PVC film can be used to wrap everything from vehicles to boats and even textured buildings, all with outstanding performance. It offers enhanced conformability and lifting resistance, easier installation and faster removal, while retaining familiar and popular features such as excellent print quality, Controltac allowing true repositionability and Comply adhesive with air release channels. Envision 480 Print Wrap Film can be applied in extreme temperature environments and, once installed, is durable against UV rays, high temperatures, moisture and acid dew.

Aidan Hancock, LW Graphics confirms “We prefer Envision 480 Print Wrap Film as our fitters find that it has benefits that other materials don’t offer, for example it’s easier to fit and is pliable in a wider range of temperatures. Other benefits are a higher quality and smoother finish and good adhesive air release, although it does make fitting more difficult when applying to deep recesses.”

3M Envision Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3 is suitable for latex, SV480Cv3 for solvent inkjet printers. These 50 micron high performance non-PVC films also offer an environmentally friendly option. It is manufactured using 60% less solvent, without the addition of chlorines or other halogens, is phthalate free and incorporates bio-based materials.

Andrew Potts, FX Motorsport states “We use 3M Envision 480 Print Wrap Film for full wraps, mainly on commercial vans of all sizes up to jumbo Transits. We like the quality of the finish and ease of fitting; and the Comply air release adhesive is also very good.”

We've got some great deals on both LX480Cv3 and SV480Cv3 kits with 8548G high gloss overlaminate this month. The new films are now in stock, available as kits for next day delivery on all orders received before 6pm.

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