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Rebranded Reception Gets New Lease Of Life With Vinyl

Having successfully used 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes previously, leading corporate signage specialist Sign 2000 had no hesitation in recommending them for a new re-branding project for healthcare and life insurance provider PruHealth, following its re-branding as Vitality.

The highly innovative films were used in the refurbishment of the reception area that included new interior wall signage and a complete reworking of the furniture.


How To Transform And Refurbish A Reception With Vinyl Film

New Business Director at Sign 2000, Steve Spackman commented: “Working closely William Smith, 3M’s largest UK stockist and distributor, we have used DI-NOC architectural finishes in a number of high-profile projects.

These have included the refurbishment of 6,500 main and local Post Office outlets and work carried out on behalf of the Hilton Hotels Group.

The particular appeal of DI-NOC films is their ability, at a relatively low cost, to refurbish building surfaces without the high cost of replacement, thereby enabling significant savings to be passed on to customers.”


How To Get Premium Interior Faux Finishes For Less With Vinyl

Developed by 3M as a cost-effective design solution for interior and exterior new building and/or refurbishment projects, DI-NOC architectural finishes comprise over 700 distinctive self-adhesive vinyl films that replicate the appearance and feel of traditional materials.

Typically, these include various woods, metals, marble, leather, carbon fibre, stone and stucco. Steve Spackman added: “As a recognised applicator of DI-NOC films, we have used them for a number of projects involving different interior and exterior surfaces in public buildings, including walls, doors, reception desks and associated furniture.

We have found the films to be a cost-effective, durable and architecturally-sensitive solution for refurbishing tired looking, worn or outdated building fixtures and fittings without having to incur the heavy cost of replacement.”

In addition to reducing building construction and refurbishment costs whilst enabling greater freedom of expression for designers, architects and signage and graphics providers, DI-NOC films offer a number of key benefits.

Easy to apply and remove from flat and curved surfaces, due to the integrated 3M Controltac and Comply Adhesive. This enables fast and accurate positioning and air release to ensure a smooth, bubble-free and stable finish.

Once applied, the films are very easy to maintain in a pristine condition without the need for harsh chemical cleaning agents. They are also highly durable, being resistant to the ingress of water, dirt, impact wear and abrasion. Furthermore, DI-NOC films have been tested to ensure full compliance with IMO flammability requirements and are CE-marked to enhance their appeal for interior and exterior commercial new build and refurbishment applications.

Supplied in 12, 25 or 50-metre rolls, DI-NOC films offer 12-year durability on indoor and five-year durability on outdoor applications.

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