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Contra Vision Campaign - Short Term Perforated Window Film

What Perforated Window Films Can Be Used For

Perforated window films are the ideal way to create high-impact graphics for short term campaigns, branding windows or glass doors with the latest promotion, product launches or event marketing. 

An award-winning product* from Contra Vision makes this option more cost effective and trouble-free for both client and printer.

One of the latest additions to the Contra Vision® range of perforated window films, Contra Vision® Campaign™ has been developed specifically for shorter term campaigns and offers an economically priced perforated window film, but retaining Contra Vision’s renowned high performance characteristics. 

Contra Vision® Campaign™, which is suitable for UV, Solvent, Eco-solvent and Latex printing technologies, has a one year durability rating, is REACH compliant and features a high specification clean-remove adhesive, ensuring the best possible printing, application and removal characteristics for this class of product.


Other Perforated Window Films Available From Contra Vision

Available from William Smith in a wide range of transparencies, Contra Vision® Campaign™ is now available with Contra Vision® Grayliner™, a patented improvement to perforated window films, which makes it easier to assess the final look of see-through graphics during the printing stage.

For longer-term and large scale applications, such as complete window coverage and building wraps, or vehicle applications, Contra Vision® Performance™ perforated window film is still the recommended choice.

For further information, pricing and professional help in choosing the product most suited to your specific application, please contact William Smith for a simple guide, or to speak with a knowledgeable representative.


(*Contra Vision® Campaign with Grayliner™ recently won a Product of the Year award at SGIA (the leading USA based, speciality printing and imaging technology association) in Las Vegas.)

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