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Avery Dennison Façade Film Transforms Schools Exterior

When Hull-based DeSigns Signage Solutions were in need of a premium quality conformable cast film for one of its latest projects, the new Avery Dennison Facade Film was the perfect recommendation.


Challenges DeSigns Solutions Faced When Fixing Exterior

Considered one of the UK’s leading signage and vehicle branding companies, DeSigns had been contracted to work on a project for a local school, where several sun-damaged panels on the building exterior needed to be covered.

This was a job which required the workers to be as quick and discrete as possible, without causing disruption to daily school life.   

Having understood the importance of time and speed for this work, and taking into consideration the scale of the area to be covered, Avery Dennison Facade Film was an ideal selection. 

As a film which is designed to meet the demands of application and exposure on building facades, panels and window frames for restoration, restyling or branding purposes, it was a perfect solution for the task in hand.


Why Avery Dennison Façade Film Was Chosen For The Job

With its strong adhesive and ease of application, in all weather conditions, the film is known to minimise downtime when compared to traditional paint methods.

Plus it requires no drying time, and once applied it has a life expectancy of over 10 years, meaning unlike paint it won’t need multiple applications.

Using two rolls of the White Aluminium Gloss FF RAL 9006, the project was finished within 16 hours.

Speaking about the product, Commercial Director of DeSigns, Shane Windas, said: “The Avery Facade product was designed to cover exactly what we needed covering and is a fantastic product for its intended market.

“From start to finish, we couldn’t have asked for the process and application to go smoother and I’d happily use, and recommended using, the product again.

“We’ve worked with William Smith now for over 15 years. It’s a great company to deal with, with great people who have extensive knowledge of the signage and graphics industry.”

Avery Dennison Façade Film is available in 22 standard colours, with colour matching optional for corporate colour requirements.


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