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A SUPER MATTE refurbishment with film

Cougar Signs, a vehicle wrapping & applied graphics installation company from Leeds have helped a Toni & Guy Hair Salon in Durham City Centre get ready for reopening post Covid-19 lockdown with a smart refurbishment of their reception area, with the help of Cover Styl’ architectural finishes.

The challenge Cougar Signs had was that their client was looking to refurbish a reception counter and window box within the reception area of the salon. The MDF reception desk and window box provided the perfect opportunity for architectural film to be used. With both substrates being very much structurally sound, a simple recovering of the existing surfaces was the perfect solution.

before cougar signs.jpg

‘’The client was sold on the idea of using a film, sprucing up the existing substrates with a vinyl really was a no brainer given that the substrates themselves were structurally sound.  The main test we encountered was getting the right pattern to fit with the objectives the client had. The client wanted to create a classy and sophisticated feel which corresponded to an environment of a multi award winning hairdressing brand. Following a consultation, it was decided that pattern code NE80 from the Cover Styl’ architectural finishes range would be the best choice to achieve the desired look as the aesthetics the matt black brought was very much a high-end feel.’’ Said Andrew Varley, of Cougar Signs.

‘’The Cover Styl’ product is so easy to work with, the conformable film is perfect for an application like this, and as for the reaction from our client, they were over the moon with the end result. They were truly astonished by the finish, and how in just a couple of hours unfurnished substrates had been transformed to create a reception area which was suiting for the look they were looking for.’’

after cougar signs 2.jpg

Andrew added; ‘’Although this project was conducted during lockdown, when the salon was closed, the client was blown away by the lack of mess, time and disruption that this kind of refurbishment entails and coupled with the huge range of patterns, it really has got their creative juices flowing for future refurbs.’’

This project from Cougar Signs underlines the flexibility architectural finishes has in terms of the environments that the product can be used in. A lot of the applications we stereotypically see is in the likes of Hotels, Retail, Corporate environments as well as residential applications which are also fast becoming the norm, where this application shows that whatever the situation, architectural film can provide the answer.

Cougar signs after 3.jpg

‘’The support we receive from William Smith Group 1832 really is appreciated. Not only do they have an outstanding product in Cover Styl’, the service and knowledge they provide is ever so helpful, and we look forward to continue working with the company in the future.’’

Cover Styl’ architectural finishes design offering is truly unlimited. With 800+ patterns at your fingertips, and over 200 of those are stocked locally by William Smith Group 1832, accessible by the metre and for next day delivery. Whatever the design requirement, William Smith can cater for all of your needs.

To find out more about our customer Cougar Signs and their services visit www.cougarsigns.co.uk, or email info@cougarsigns.co.uk.

If you would like to learn more about Cover Styl’ or request a sample, visit https://www.williamsmith.co.uk/product/cover-styl-primary-range or email jack@williamsmith.co.uk.


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