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2020. Time really does fly doesn’t it? 2020 brings around a new year and a new decade, and with that, new trends which us as a society will follow.

But. What are the key interior design trends we need to watch out for this year? Well. You’re about to find out!

In our Interior design trends for 2019 blog we correctly predicted that; Matt Black, Natural Wood, Concrete and Eco-friendly design were going to take interior design by storm in 2019. So. We’ve done our research again and picked out some key design trends to keep your eye out for in the next 12 months.

And you’ve guessed it. You can meet these interior designs with architectural finishes too!

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Green Pressure

We told you in last years design blog that eco-friendly design was set to be a key trend of 2019. Well! This is not set to change for 2020.

The sustainability conscious population is ever growing, and their opinions are being heard more and more. So much so, eco-shaming is set to be a new phenomenon this year! Interior design does not escape this wrath. It may not be quite legislation, but nevertheless eco-friendly design will be an even bigger factor to consider when redesigning interiors.

Our message is clear. Wrap it, don’t rip it! With architectural film you can preserve substrates and get you your desired finish at the same time. Save the environment. Save your reputation.

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Navy is the new Grey

Out with the old, and in with the new. Well. Not quite but we are seeing a clear shift. Navy is in! And it’s starting to replace neutral colours like grey and beige.

Navy provides the statement look designers of today are looking for. The chic and classy tone will be seen throughout 2020 in both residential and commercial interior design.

Do we have navy patterns in stock I hear you ask? We sure do. Thanks to vinyls from both 3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl’ you can add navy to your interior design in seamless fashion. Finishes O7 – Cost Crois and PS-140– Single Colour can bring this bold but sophisticated look to your interior projects.

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Curved Designed

Stay ahead of the curve with architectural film.

Design expert David Roberts tells us in his interior design trends of 2020 piece that curvature in commercial interior design is set to be another key trend. Less harsh shapes are on the rise, with curves being thrown into the design mix to make spaces look more upmarket. Particularly in corporate environments.

This really is where architectural film comes into its own. Our 3M DI-NOC product can conform to any shape including curved surfaces. The headache of marrying shape and material is also avoided. With over 1000 patterns available, the design potential is unlimited.

Curved 3M DI-NOC application.jpg


If it’s good enough for Milan Design Week its good enough for you! A key takeaway from Milan Design Week 2019 was that marble is set to be a key design trend for 2020.

With its striking veins and endless pattern choices, marble really does bring that high-end, plushness look.  Whether it’s a small table or a whole marble wall, the effect can bring a timelessness feel to your interior space.

Many of you reading this blog will be thinking; ‘But marble is expensive’. We hear you. With our architectural range, you can get a marble effect at a fraction of the cost, with a see, touch and feel which is so realistic to the real finish you almost won’t believe it. You really do have to feel it to believe it!

Marble application.jpg

Interested in learning more about why architectural finishes should be used in your next interior design project? Come and see the products in all their glory at Surface Design Show 2020 at the Business Design Centre in Islington from the 11-13 of February, a leading surface material innovation show in Europe.

Join us at stand 628 and The Pointe (Unit 127)! Register for the show here:

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