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5 reasons why you should refurb kitchens in styl!

by Jack Carr

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Kitchen wrapping is huge right now. Use of Cover Styl’ in kitchens is something we are seeing more and more. It’s quite simply a trend which has severely escalated over the last 12 months.

But. Why? Architectural finishes as a refurb solution is something we projected to hit solely in the commercial market place due to the huge cost savings that were to be had for businesses.

Not so much in the residential market.

Nevertheless. In this blog we will be giving you 5 key reasons to why wrapping with film, and more specifically Cover Styl’ architectural film is flourishing in the kitchen environment.

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Sustainability. It’s something we always talk about. For good reason!

In both of our blogs; design trends of 2019 and design trends of 2020 we correctly predicted that sustainability was going to be a key design trend. And this is showing no signs of letting up.

In those pieces we talked about the reasons why ‘sustainability’ was so important to commercial environments and commercial business. Save the environment. Save your reputation. That was the message.

But it goes much further than this doesn’t it? It’s not just a box businesses tick, its everywhere we look today. We are all becoming environmental conscious. Eco shaming is even a ‘thing’ in our society today.

Why rip out your kitchen and contribute to even more landfill? It just doesn’t feel right does it? Our message is clear. Wrap it, don’t rip it. Homeowners are finding that their cupboards and worktops are structurally sound so there’s no point ‘getting rid’.  With film you can simply apply on top of these perfectly fine surfaces. You can change the colour of your kitchen without having to replace everything in sight.

It’s a no brainer.

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Let’s be honest.

We are all tightening our purse strings, aren’t we? With the uncertainty Covid-19 brings, the world is an unusual place right now.

Well. With architectural film you can save thousands against the cost of a new kitchen, without suffering on quality! Kitchen wrapping is significantly cheaper than new, plus you can still get the kitchen of your dreams!

Considering painting your walls? You’ll need a painter won’t you. Want to rip out the existing sink, or appliances? You’ll need a plumber. Want new worktops or units fitted? You’ll need a joiner or fit-out contractor. Can you oversee all of this yourself? Particularly for larger projects, probably not. You’ll need some sort of property developer or project manager as well then.

And I could go on!

All these additional costs are so unnecessary. Refurbishing with film means you will only need to deal with one company. Which means one communication line and ultimately one company to pay when the project is complete.

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Realistic Finish

The realism in the finish is something all end-users are striving for.

It’s all well and good being ‘sustainable’ and ‘cost saving’ but if it doesn’t look good enough or isn’t high enough quality, what’s the point? You won’t be wanting it in your kitchen.

With Cover Syl’ architectural film you don’t need to have this worry! The look. The touch. The feel. Is so realistic you would be mistaken to thinking it was the real thing. You really do have to feel it to believe it!

Whether it’s the veins in the marble (see below) or the textured grain in the woods or even the sparkle in the glitter finishes. These realistic looks can be brought to your kitchen. Trust me!

Plus, architectural films are designed to be durable and hardwearing. They not only look good, but they will also last a lot longer than paint. They are robust as well as easy to clean, just like the real thing.

Kitchen U3_situation.jpg

Pattern Choice

Kitchen designs are unlimited. Everyone has a different style. A different perception. Different needs.

I’ll let you into a secret. Cover Styl’ architectural finishes can cater for all these needs and more!

For example. We told you in a recent case study how the recreation of natural materials is becoming more and more aspirational in interior design. Well. Cover Styl’ can tick that box. In fact, whether you fancy a more modern colour, a new wood grain, a marble or trendy terrazzo worktop, Cover Styl’ has the product for you.

With hundreds of different designs at your fingertips, including the new stone and soft touch collection, the choice is truly unlimited. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

kitchen metallic plinth 1.jpg


Speed. It might sound like a strange advantage. But it’s not.

Just think. Having your kitchen out of action for a long period of time during the time it would take to install a brand new kitchen is far from ideal isn’t it? Living with the mess and disruption, particularly as we are all spending more and more time at home right now is hassle we don’t need. If you could avoid losing your kitchen for an extended period, you will jump at the chance. Right?

With Cover Styl’ architectural film you won’t lose your kitchen and may even be able to carry on using it while parts are being wrapped.

The application of film is so fast. So easy. And so seamless. Not convinced? This video we have created clearly shows the speed and ease of kitchen installations.

In one day you can have your whole kitchen totally transformed. That’s a fact.

kitchen refurb before and after.jpg

Resurfacing kitchens with Cover Styl’ architectural film is unquestionably the present and future of kitchen design.

Have an upcoming project where you think Cover Styl’ architectural film could be the answer? You can simply request a sample, or more information by emailing info@architextural.co.uk.

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by Jack Carr
by Jack Carr
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