5 reasons why you should choose Interior Wall Films to create unique design impact!

Interior Design and creating the right ‘vibe’ and ‘look’ is becoming more and more important; as not only does it mean a space looks fabulous, but it creates a variety of other positives, which you’ll hear about in a moment.
Almost everyone I know has or LOVES a creative interior space. The design and feel of a place you live, work, eat and learn has been proven time and time again to affect your mental processing speed, concentration, purpose and quality of the work you are producing. With these in mind, it’s crucial to have an appropriately designed interior for maximum comfort and productivity.
But how do we create the perfect Interior Design? You might be more aware than I am of the different ways in which this could be achieved! We’ve just reached 2020, and most of the 2019 trends have therefore invaded our houses or spaces.
From Mustard Yellow, to Velvet Furniture, Geometric décor, Bold Colours, Floral Patterns and Brass Furniture! We think we’ve seen it all! But how could you create that extra angle or unique edge that nobody else has thought of? There’s always a way!
1. Wall Films are DIGITALLY printable, creating a bespoke design
The main benefit of digital wall films is in the name…. you can digitally choose whatever design you would like to feature and be printed onto your chosen film. Whether it’s to include a relevant colour scheme, campaign ideas/details or bespoke imagery- the options are endless!
Digital wall films also allow you the opportunity to reinforce your brand ideals; we have used wall films around our site to do this very thing. Displaying campaign photo shoots, company logos and not forgetting infographics related to training, people and our processes.
Bespoke to size as well as design! This is another important feature we must remember. Your regular printed wallpaper may include a New York skyline for example; however, you may not be able to fit it onto the wall you’re designing! (Too large or too small- the sizing could easily be ‘off’.)
Using wall films to a bespoke size can come in handier than we thought.
2. Options! Features for all surfaces and use
Avery Dennison and Arlon offer the best ranges within our portfolio, with literally, something for everyone! Avery Dennison have MPI 8000, the impressive New ‘Interior Design Collection’, a series of inspiring graphics solutions that enrich creative thinking and enable wall art to generate an emotional response. (If they don’t mind saying so themselves!!)
With 8 different design products in the range, your creativity options are endless. I mentioned there was something for every use, recommendations include retail decoration & branding vinyl, hospitality & retail promotional wall graphics and my favourite, general interior decoration!
We’ve got more ‘options’ that will be useful to you from Arlon. DPF 8000 Ultra Tack offers secure adhesion strength to low energy surfaces and textured substrates like brick and even concrete. If this isn’t enough for you and you need a bit more of a helping hand then we have DPF 8200X High Tack, this film offers X-Scape Technology, making life easier when it comes to minimizing bubbles during installation…..perfect! (After all, our time is precious; we need to keep offering products that make your life easier).
I’m only just scratching the surface with your options, remember everyone will need different products for different uses and surfaces; so, don’t be afraid to ask our sales team or one of your buddies for advice.
10_Avery_Dennion_MPI_8000_Wall_Films.jpg 11_Avery_Dennison_MPI_8000_Wall_Films_Green.jpg 12_Avery_Dennison_MPI_8000_Wall_Films_Floral.jpg
3. All the Textures you could think of!
Stone, Canvas, Stucco, Matte- no these aren’t the names of a new Indie band!! These are some of the textures you can achieve from the wall films we have to offer, creating that unique design impact I promised in my blog title. That’s right, you can use these interior design films to print your own bespoke design AND add texture to it.
Would it be easier for you to touch and see these for yourselves? Not a problem, just send me an email and I’ll get these over to you to play with.
4. Who said durable?
Well, like any material, it has a shelf life. It will depend on which wall film you go for as to how long you’ve got; but remember this is just a guideline. You need to consider all the factors that may affect the wall film day to day; colour, how much a room is used, sunlight etc.
You’ve got anything from 1-7 years durability (unprinted), with most of your choices being 4- 7, so that’s a very good stint. As I mentioned in my introduction- times, trends, fashions change very quickly. Therefore, if you’re the type of person who is into interior & bespoke design and you’re reading this blog, then no doubt you’ll be ready for a change sooner than you think anyway!
5. Ease of applications- no MESS!
The benefit is in my subheading- no mess!!! Who would complain about that? Especially when our main aim in these bespoke design projects is to tidy up a space and create design impact.
I haven’t bothered to ‘compare and contrast’ wall films vs wallpaper throughout this bit of reading (we’ve all got places to be!!), but at the end of the day, wallpaper is a little annoying to fit; it can cause mess for one, it’s wet, plus you need a lot more resources; paste, brush, pasting table etc, whereas your gem of a tool with wall film application is the squeegee. (Wet vs dry? Dry application wins!)
Worried about getting to grips with a squeegee? All you or your fitters need to do is come along to one of our two-day application training courses and you’ll learn all the skills you need to go away and practice with your wall films.
I’m only just touching the surface with these Interior Design must haves! Visit our website @ www.williamsmith.co.uk to see the extent of options or contact leanne@williamsmith.co.uk for more details or samples.
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