4 top tips for selling architectural film

At times like this it can be hard to stay focused.

With the virus virtually locking the country down its next to impossible to go about your day as normal. But. It’s important to look for positives in every situation and this is definitely one of those moments.

What this situation does give you is time. Time to think. Time to plan. And time to execute.

If you’re in the Signs & Graphics industry you simply can’t have missed the emergence of architectural finishes and how it’s transforming the way we look at refurbishing interior design.

If you haven’t already. Now is the time to start thinking ahead to introduce architectural films to your clients! Here’s 4 top selling tips to get you started….


1. Get Digital

Let’s face it. Face to face meetings are not going to be happening at the moment, are they?

How am I meant to speak to potential customers I hear you ask? The answer is simple. Get Digital!

Use software’s like zoom or skype to your advantage. Set up an online CPD. Share the link on your social media platforms and next thing you know you could have the opportunity to be pitching to 40+ architects and interiors designers a-like.

What does that equate to? A growing database of great contacts. But more importantly. Leads!



skype for business.png

2. Support

Support don’t sell. The landscape of selling has dramatically changed in just a few weeks. Your customers don’t care about you or even your product.

What do they care about? Heath. Their livelihoods. Their own families.

So. Your priority needs to be about how you can support them.

With architectural finishes you can save your clients so much money on refurbishments. Ideal for tight budgets, when the time is right, this could be a great solution for them.

The cost-effective method offers high-end results, whilst reusing existing fixtures. The costs saving is not in the material itself. It’s the ability to keep businesses going during the refurb. It’s the speed of installation. It’s the easy upkeep.

All in all, architectural film can cost your customer as little as 1/8 the cost a traditional refurbishment would incur. It’s a no brainer!



3. Get Creative

See. Touch. Feel.

Despite a growing and flourishing solution for interior design, architectural film is still a relatively new concept. Your customers will really want to ‘feel it to believe it’.

But a sample is often not enough. If you have a little more time than normal, use offcuts to get creative and get wrapping.

Yeah, the 1500 pattern range is range is impressive. A flat piece of film doesn’t do the product justice though. An A6 samples isn’t going to ‘wow’ your client and its certainly not going to win you the project.

Wrap the pattern in something 3D! It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. It could be a piece of architrave, a curved shape, or a flat piece of Foamex. Just give them something where they can see the conformability of the product.

Send them this and I promise you they will be instantly sold by what is possible with architectural film.

sales toolkit.jpg

4. Validate

Prove you’re the person for the job.

As mentioned, architectural finishes are not cemented as a solution in the industry as of yet. So. Prove it works.

Now’s the time to collate all your previous applications and update photos on your website or social media channels. Shout about your previous work. Show your customers the amazing before and afters. Show them how much they can save. And don’t be scared to do your own case studies, on your own jobs.

This will bring validation and trust to not only the product but to you as the installer as well!



If you want to find out more about how to sell the architectural dream to your clients, we’d be more than happy to help, get in touch by emailing us at info@architextural.co.uk.

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