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Which Arlon high tack digital print film is best for use?

At William Smith, we have the perfect films for textured and low energy surfaces. Two of these include Arlon DPF 8000™ Ultra Tack and Arlon DPF 8200™ High Tack.

Both are very similar high tack 90 micron, seven year durability films that provide perfect solutions for challenging textured surfaces, however they have slightly different application uses.

Conquering the toughest of surfaces, recommended applications for DPF 8000™ include power sport vehicles manufactured from ABS as well as brick and concrete walls. Whereas the durable DPF 8200 is easily applied to tile, wood, smooth painted and unpainted walls, plastics and metal as well as general signage onto typical plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, fibreglass, corrugated plastics and acrylics.

In summary, if there’s one film that will tackle your difficult projects and uncontrolled substrates, it’s DPF 8000. However, if it’s ease of application you’re after, the low shrink, high tack adhesive nature of DPF 8200 allows for great dimensional stability when applying the film, making it much simpler to install on demanding surfaces. And of course adding heat when installing on textured surfaces will make your graphic conform to slight contours and textures without any hassle.

For further information, visit https://www.williamsmith.co.uk/high-tack-digital-print-films or contact us by calling 01833 690305 or emailing a member of the team, info@williamsmith.co.uk.

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