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Top 5 film factors to consider when wrapping your fleet

Vehicles can provide the perfect platform to promote a business or brand, travelling up and down the motorways day in and day out where millions of people can see them. It’s therefore important that all things are considered when it comes to selecting and applying graphics.

3M, known for applying science to life, share five key points to be considered when it comes to fleet wrapping.

Top 5 film factors to consider when wrapping your fleet.

1. Durability
‘Durability’ describes how well a film withstands elements such as weathering and other outdoor exposures. High-quality graphic films will stand the test of time in a variety of climates. Lesser quality films are more likely to fail under harsh outdoor conditions and so not last as long.

2. Installation
When having films installed, simplicity and precision can save time, which in turn increases your bottom line. Premium films equipped with superior air release capabilities and optimal slide ability make installation easy, minimising the potential for bubbles and other errors. Quick installations also increase operational efficiency by decreasing fleet or vehicle downtime.

3. Maintenance
Maintaining a graphic film is largely dependent on proper cleaning and care practices. Keep your graphics in good condition by washing them regularly. Graphics can be cleaned by hand – or by using pressure and automated washes.

4. Removability
When the time comes to remove or change a film, high-quality films come off easily, making removal after installation pain-free. Low-quality films can crack, shatter and leave adhesive residue behind after removal. This can be costly and may impact operations due to unexpected delays.

5. Warranty
It’s important to make sure that your wrap investment is protected. When selecting a film, be sure to choose a manufacturer with a history of standing behind the quality of their products by guaranteeing performance. A good warranty is truly comprehensive and can be applied consistently. Warranties should be hassle-free too, giving you complete peace of mind.

All opinions and statements in the article are credited to 3M.

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