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The Prestige Solution to Improve Glazing Performance


When faced with increasing energy costs and problems with glare and UV radiation, Signs Express Bath, with the help of 3M’s Master Distributor, William Smith Group stepped in to provide the perfect 3M window film solution for their client AB Dynamics.

The recent project involved a large-scale installation of 3M Prestige 40 Exterior window film onto an impressive glass building, in order to resolve a number of issues with glare, privacy and solar heat gain.

Due to the large amount of glass on the building, the client, AB Dynamics were concerned at the amount of energy their HVAC system was consuming in order to cool and heat the reception area, ground floor and first floor offices. The large floor to ceiling windows, also meant there was a distinct lack of privacy for their employees when working within a built up and highly populated area.

3M™ Sun Control Window Films, Prestige Series was selected as the best overall solution, due to its best balance between maximum light transmission and heat rejection. Using nano-technology this significantly reduces solar heat gain while leaving the window appearance virtually unchanged.

The project was awarded to Signs Express Bath on a lump sum turnkey basis and included working at height to fit the film to the upper level windows.  Utilizing its highly skilled installation team, 185 square metres of the solar control film were applied to the exterior of the glass building, which has now been completed to the agreed schedule - with a 100% safety record for the project.

The client acknowledged the benefits immediately; with noticeably increased privacy due to the subtle tint in the film, at the same time as a considerable reduction in glare and harmful UV rays inside the building.

The overall project cost of solar control film installation will achieve an approximate return on investment of approximately 4 years. Even better, the HVAC electricity consumption is already reduced, resulting in a saving of thousands of pounds each year in energy costs.

John Kay, Managing Director of Signs Express Bath said “We would not hesitate in recommending William Smith Group. They offer great service and back up support when required. The energy calculations coordinated with 3M were very much instrumental in convincing AB Dynamics Directors to go ahead with the investment especially within the current economic climate.”

If you would like more information about 3M window films or need a sample, get in touch email info@williamsmith.co.uk

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