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Stunning Windows to Kick Start Post Lockdown



The world is beginning to adjust to the new ‘normal’, and businesses are preparing to reopen for the first time in many months. Contra Vision® CEO, Roger Hill, shares his thoughts on the road to recovery.

Having seen a major increase in activity over the last 7-10 days. It is very encouraging that companies and people are regaining confidence and returning back to business.

Being a global company, Contra Vision® has found it interesting to see how orders have returned in different countries and regions at different times. Window graphics for retail stores have been building for several weeks and Out of Home advertising has started to reappear.

Equally fascinating is to see what products customers are buying and the reasons why. In the last two weeks Contra Vision® have had a huge demand for White on Black 80/20 (20%) perforated film.

Businesses are racing to get messages applied to the entrance doors of offices, shops, car dealerships and any other public space where safety information is now of prime importance as these businesses reopen.

Some countries are considering the use of perforated one-way film to be mandatory on doors and windows, in order to clearly communicate messages, while still allowing those people inside the building to see out.

There was a second surge in orders this week, with companies looking to boldly advertise that they are “Re-open for business”. It seems the race is definitely on, to grab a slice of consumers pent-up desire to go out again and spend, spend, spend!

Let’s hope this is a really positive sign for the global economy; for people to get back to work and for our lives to return to a position we once all took for granted. Stay safe.

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