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ROLLSROLLER – The ultimate flatbed applicator

It’s the original, ultimate flatbed applicator and there truly is an applicator for everyone.
Now is the time to put your production on fast forward, with four models (Entry, Regular, Premium and Traffic) which have been specially designed to give you multiple options and provide you with four times the output.
As if giving an extra pair of hands, the machines only need one individual to operate them, reducing labour costs significantly.
Invented by signmakers, for signmakers, ROLLSROLLER can save users 80 per cent on application time, increasing productivity, efficiency and capacity.
The innovative flatbed applicator accurately applies self-adhesive vinyls, cut vinyl graphics, digital prints and application tapes to many different substrates.
Producing high-quality products, all ROLLSROLLERS have a two-year warranty.
But don’t just take our word for it, Gary Phipps of Nuneaton Signs said: "The ROLLSROLLER machines we have installed have greatly reduced production times due to their single-stage application capability and the precise and bubble-free nature of the finished output provided."
Want to see a ROLLSROLLER in action? Watch the video below, you may also recognise some familiar faces.


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