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Paint Protection Kits Now Available

You can now buy any 3M VentureShield pre-cut kit from William Smith. This should simplify the whole buying process for this vehicle paint protect film as pre-cut templates will be available for most cars and motorbikes. Same day despatch will be available on kit orders placed before 2pm.

Pre-cut vehicle templates, designed by 3M will cover areas susceptible to damage. You can choose between specific vehicle parts, such as a car bonnet or motorbike tank, or full vehicle coverage.

Having sold unconverted VentureShield for a number of years, given the opportunity by 3M to sell pre-cut kits, William Smith jumped at the chance.  “The product fits particularly well with our wide network of vehicle wrap customers, who need a reliable source to supply pre-cut VentureShield kits,” says William Smith’s Marketing Manager, Chris Bradley.

VentureShield is 3M’s benchmark paint protection film, specifically designed for surface protection of painted, unpainted, gel coated, fibreglass and other smooth surfaces. It  protects car and motorbike paintwork and headlamps against stone chips, scratches, scuffs, minor abrasions and environmental damage and offers a highly effective way to protect vehicle paintwork by providing a durable, protective barrier without altering the vehicle’s appearance.  And a positive bonus for the end user is that when the time comes for the vehicle to be resold, the original paintwork will still be as good as the day the VentureShield was installed, thereby helping to maintain the value of the vehicle.

The optically clear coated urethane film with clear acrylic pressure adhesive is easy to apply and maintains clarity, durability and performance across a wide range of environmental conditions, such as salt spray, bird droppings, high heat and humidity. Available in high gloss finish, VentureShield is warranted against yellowing or cracking. View product

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