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Wendy Bailey speaking with a customer about signage

One Minute With Wendy

Introducing Wendy Bailey, Sales Estimator for Smith, William Smith Group 1832’s sign fabrication division.

Get to know Wendy in our latest One Minute With Article as she talks about her role, shares her thoughts on the industry, and gives us an insight into what she likes and dislikes.

Part of the company since:

10 August 2015


Eating out; my favourite cuisine is Indian food, I also love a good steak. Any meal out must be accompanied with a pudding, usually chocolate or lemon themed.

I once tried cooked Octopus, but I didn’t really like it. Weirdly enough I tried it raw, and I did like it. I never thought I’d like raw fish!

Chocolate; Galaxy all the way!

Holidays in the sun



Rice (I have my curry with a naan bread)

When people don’t say please and thank you

Random fact about you:

I have cuddled a tiger cub!

Best part of working at Smith:

The people/team

What do you enjoy about your role as Sales Estimator?

I enjoy speaking with so many different people, no two days or jobs are the same, this means I take pleasure in coming to work, and the day-to-day life of an Estimator keeps me on my toes.

Explain the process of your role!

As a Sales Estimator it’s my job to assist sign companies with their projects, helping them turn it into a finished product their customer can be satisfied with. Project managing means I obtain information from customers, then liaise with the Artwork department & production team to check everything is in order and have all we need to go ahead and process the order.

I then speak with suppliers to check we can source all the materials for the project and that there will be no notable delays.

Once all this is ok I will then be able to provide a quote for the customer to ensure all is to their expectations and they are happy with the plan of action!

With the nature of the role and the number of customers I must deal with I enjoy providing advice to what is and isn’t achievable.

We always aim to please and do what we can to get the customer what they want!

What is the most requested type of signage you receive?

Tray Signs and Built-up letters are definitely the most popular, and I have to say the finished products always look great!

What do customers need to provide you with to ensure their project goes through as quickly as possible? In other words, tricks of the trade!

I would say if you supply artwork when requesting quotes along with as much detail as possible regarding what type of signage is required e.g., size, return depths, colours etc- these will really speed up the process.

If a customer wants a lot of options, I have found it is best to ask what the budget is as providing lots of options is time consuming, for myself and for the customer.

What's the most exciting/creative project you have been involved with?

I was involved with a project which included signage for a football club (I can’t say which). It wasn’t your usual day-to-day sign request and I needed to work closely with various departments to ensure we fabricated it as the customer wanted. When finished it was great to see it fully illuminated, and all built from the original 2d drawing supplied. The customer was extremely pleased.

What is your prediction for the future of the company?

We are always evolving by investing in manufacturing equipment to improve our processes and expand on staff when needed, therefore I predict that the company will continue to grow and be successful!

Sum Smith up in one word:


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