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Kitchen Design Transformed with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film

Signs & Styles, a specialist architectural wrapping company from Midlothian have completed an impressive residential kitchen project in the Newtongrange area. With the help of 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes, Signs & Styles overhauled a dated, wood grain designed kitchen into an environment which is a lot more modern and slicker.

‘’The environment which I walked into was one that was very tired and out of fashion. It was quite clear immediately that the substrates themselves in the kitchen were indeed structurally sound, however the look of the kitchen was very unimaginative, needing some TLC to bring it to life.’’ Said Duncan Hardie, Owner of Signs & Styles.

As outlined by Duncan, the units within the kitchen were structurally sound so the customer was easily sold on the concept of ‘wrapping’ the existing substrates. The main challenge Duncan had was to find a finish within the architectural finishes range which met the design aspirations of this customer.


Duncan added ‘’After holding discussions with my client it was very much evident that they really wanted to bring a high-end feel to their interior setting, and a finish that really set off the floor covering too. After looking through the pattern range, myself and my customer agreed that 3M DI-NOC PS-999 would be used for this project. The finish met our customers desire of a matt black finish, and with the product being durable and having anti-bacterial technology within the film, meant it was perfect for the kitchen environment.’’

‘’The results of this application were really pleasing. The overall look and feel of the kitchen really have met the aesthetical objectives the client had, unquestionably bringing a higher end feel to the kitchen. The product itself was fantastic to work with, the 3M brand is a brand at the top of its game in terms of technology, and this is no different with DI-NOC, and alongside my experience in using vinyl’s, the application was completed perfectly.’’

kitchen DI-NOC after.jpg

Architectural finishes are becoming more and more popular in the residential environment. There are so many benefits. From the flexibility of the film, to the pattern range, to even the cost savings for the customers. It is unquestionably becoming the future of interior design in commercial and domestic projects.

‘’I would 100% recommend William Smith Group 1832. The team have a great offering of architectural film and not only that, the amount of stock they have readily available is also very advantageous to me as I can get my hands on the material the very next day! The knowledge and service the team has is brilliant too, I know if I have any questions at all they can point me in the right direction.’’


This perfectly executed kitchen project encapsulates architectural film perfectly. The usage of a wrapping material to refurbish kitchen design has really flourished over the last 18 months with occupants spending lots of time in their home environments, coupled with budgets being tightened, architectural finishes really does provide the perfect option with the same high-end results a traditional method of refurbishment would bring.   

To find out more about Signs & Styles and their services, please don’t hesitate to give them a call on 07980747093 or alternatively email them at hello@signsandstyles.co.uk.

It would like to learn more about 3M DI-NOC, or want a sample visit www.architextural.co.uk/shop/?pa_brand=3m-di-noc&per-page=12, or email info@architextural.co.uk.    

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