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Helpful Fire Door Advice When Using Architectural Finishes


Helpful Fire Door Wrap Advice

Here is a quick reminder of the do’s and don’ts relating to fire door legislation for anyone who intends to place any kind of architectural film, such as 3M DI-NOC or Cover Styl’, on fire doors as part of any refurbishment programme;

EN 1634 - 1: 2014 Decorative products up to 1.5mm thick are allowed on the on the front and back of the door but NOT the edges or frames

BS 8214:2016 Fire door leavers are generally not required to provide a specific surface spread-of-flame barrier, and may therefore be decorated as desired


DI-NOC-Stobart-Offices-Reception-After-Web.jpg Architectural-Film-Fire-Safety.jpg

NB; Under no circumstances should any film or application process interfere with the fire seals in any way

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