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Envisage Print Rebranded 47 Vehicles In Just 7 Days

Envisage Print Ltd of Hull, a well-established printing company recently completed an entire fleet re-branding job, with only a seven day turnaround.  


Success For Print Company As They Move Into Vehicle Wrapping Fleets

Burflex Scaffolding Ltd approached Simon Havercroft of Envisage Print Ltd requesting the fleet of vehicles, 47 to be precise be completely re-branded.

When asked as to how he was approached with such a large scale job and the benefits that it provided Print Director Simon Havercroft stated:

“We have worked with the client for a number of years, applying basic graphics to their then existing range of vans and any new vans they purchased. Benefits, first was the financial benefit of a job this size to us as a small business. Secondly, fleet graphics is an area we have been looking to move into and this job came at a perfect time for us to see what we can do.”

Envisage Print Ltd took the job on board with total confidence that they could complete the task at hand within the tight time frame and to a very high standard.

As a strategic measure Envisage Print Ltd wrapped the fleet on a farm located on the outskirts of Hull, as it provided sufficient land to park 47 vans, as well as a warehouse which could store up to 12 vans at any given time for wrapping purposes.


How Long Does It Take To Wrap A Large Fleet Of Vehicles

Impressively only four members of staff were on site when work commenced Wednesday 8th July. The team had fully wrapped eight vehicles in the space of half a day easing fears that the deadline may be difficult to reach.

The vans were wrapped in a number of vinyl materials making the job considerably harder given the short turnaround time. The rear doors, bonnet and four inlay panels of each van were wrapped using Isee2 Bottle Green; overlay graphics were then applied using white 3M 50 Series.

Due to the growing demand for vehicle wraps and the influx of work for Envisage, all their vehicle graphic jobs are being transferred over to their new brand ‘My Vehicle Wrap’. For more information on this please visit www.myvehiclewrap.co.uk.

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