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Contra Vision Has Greater Conformability on Curved Surfaces

Contra Vision Performance Perforated Window Films are used on external first surface applications. Vital Signs Digital have been using the White on Black Series mainly for graphic wraps on vans, cars and buses, to allow occupants to see out of the vehicle windows.


Benefits Of Using Perforated Window Film

Using Contra Vision perforated window films allow for the graphics to be carried over the windows, ensuring the images are wrapped around the vehicle while maintaining vision out.

John Mahoney favours the range; “It is a good quality material to work with and gives greater conformability on curved surfaces than some other products.”

The range is available in 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% transparency options with replacement or additional liner. It also features Grayliner™, meaning the printed images on the liner closely resemble the way they will look when in use on a typical window or panel.


Where Perforated Window Films Can Be Used

See-through graphics offer innovative ways of promoting branding, not just across traditional formats but on whole vehicle or building wraps.  The back windows are visible to pedestrians on both sides of the street as when as vehicle drivers and passengers. See-through performance is often less critical so advertisers can achieve a stronger image with a lower transparency product.

Contra Vision® helps transform public transport vehicles into highly impactful mobile advertising billboards. Vehicle wraps attract the eyes of everyone on the street and offer tremendous creative flexibility to advertisers.

Contra Vision® materials are available ex-stock from William Smith and next day delivery is available on orders received before 6pm. Vital Signs Digital’s John Mahoney states “We purchase from William Smith as they are always helpful, give good service and fast delivery.”

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