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How To Protect And Care For Your Supreme Vehicle Wrap

How To Clean Your Car After It's Been Vinyl Wrapped

Vehicle wraps encounter a lot of challenges out on the open road, so what can you do to help your customers maintain and protect their wrap and keep it in supreme condition?

Well, Avery Dennison has developed its Supreme WrapTM Care products, which include a cleaner, power cleaner and sealant that are suitable for all types of films, from matt to satin and gloss.

Complementing the use of Avery Dennison Supreme, the fully-tested products clean vehicle graphics to help maintain a freshly-wrapped look.


The Best Products To Protect Vehicle Wraps

The Supreme WrapTM Cleaner has been developed for regular use and eliminates numerous marks including fingerprints and light dirt.

Enabling users to handle localised stains such as tree sap, the Supreme WrapTM Power Cleaner delivers an extra burst of strength to deal with these problem areas.

To facilitate easy day-to-day cleaning, the Supreme WrapTM Sealant offers a strong, protective layer on the wrap enabling dirt to be simply wiped away.

Created as an alternative option to a traditional car wash, the easy to use water-based products require no additional water.


So, don’t forget, looks don’t have to fade!


The innovative products are available as part of William Smith’s tools and accessories range.


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