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Arsenal Kick-off their Season with Cover Styl'

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For installers, no two jobs are ever the same. With so many different textures, patterns, colours, and inventive ideas, the achievements of our network never cease to amaze us.

Well, once again we have been blown away by the capabilities of one of our highly skilled installers. Connor Costen from Last Interiors recently completed his favourite project to date; a complete Cover Styl’ refurb of the Arsenal home dressing room, and the results speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, Connor is a Manchester United fan. It has nothing to do with the project, but at the present moment, it is rather unfortunate. Sorry Connor!

But in all seriousness, regardless of who you support, the chance to work on a project in one of the biggest stadiums in the world is something any football fan would envy, and Last Interiors fully enjoyed their time working there.

The Team Talk

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the colours chosen for the wrap were to be white and red, in keeping with the team’s branding. The specific colours used were Cover Styl’ L2 Red and J14 White Wood. The durability of the film in such a high footfall area was absolutely key to success. After 16 years without much of a refresh, the changing rooms were in desperate need of something new.

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First Half

As you can probably imagine, refurbing the home dressing room in an active Premier League football stadium is probably going to mean one thing. Tight deadlines. Well, fortunately, the perfect window of opportunity opened itself up towards the end of September, when Arsenal had a 3-week gap between home games after their 3-1 win against Tottenham. Connor started work on the project immediately, spending the first few days making sure the area was in the right condition for installation to begin. This included sanding down all areas and filling 16 years’ worth of wear and tear.

Second Half

The installation was reasonably straight forward, starting out with the application of J2 White Wood to the existing back and above areas of the shirt panels. Next was the bottom boot shelves, before moving on to fitting L2 Red to the side panels throughout the dressing room. Finally, the most challenging part of the project, the slatted seats, were tackled last. These proved to be rather fiddly and time consuming, but nonetheless, Last Interiors completed the project on time and within budget for the following home game, and the results are fantastic to see.

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Post-match Interview

As already mentioned, the project was Last Interior’s favourite to date. It was an incredible achievement for them as a company and exactly the sort of success story that we at Architextural love to hear about. When asked about the project, Connor from Last Interiors said, “The feedback has been overwhelming. As a football fan, it was a real privilege to have the opportunity to work on something like this. The staff at the stadium were incredibly friendly, helpful, and accommodating. We even got a tour of the stadium, and it was amazing to see the facilities they have there. It was a pleasure to add to that and to be able to showcase what we can achieve. I’m very much looking forward to the next opportunity that comes our way.”


Well, the results speak for themselves. Satisfied clients and a very proud installer. It’s what we love to hear. It’s also worth noting that Arsenal are unbeaten at home since the completion of their new dressing room … coincidence? Well, yes. Probably. But who knows?

This project is just another of many success stories we often hear about from our vast installer network. Architextural are proud to work closely with our installers and look forward to seeing what other exciting things can be achieved with film. Job well done, Connor. You’re the man of the match in our book!

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Post-match Analysis

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