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Contra Vision are widely recognised for their high-quality perforated window films, however there is more to the Stockport based company than meets the eye.

Having successfully introduced the world to printable one-way vision, see-through, graphics over 30 years ago, they have now used all their experience and expertise to release a range of privacy films.

Designed for both residential and commercial buildings, the new products will help improve occupants’ comfort and quality of life, particularly in business premises.

The privacy films also have additional benefits including the reduction of solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation.

The new products include: 

As industry innovators, they aren’t standing still. Their perforated window films are going from strength to strength also.

Performance HD Clear is the latest release and like Performance HD which came before it, it features 1mm diameter holes which are 60% smaller in area when compared to standard one-way vision products. The result of this is dazzling printed images in high definition.

Have a project in mind and think Contra Vision could be just the solution? Speak to a member of the sales team on 01833 690305, or email info@williamsmith.co.uk.

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