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4 Steps To Improve Your Vehicle Wrap Finish

How To Be The Best Vehicle Wrapper - The Difference Is In The Detail

As the professional’s choice, here at William Smith we are passionate about wrapping. We aim to be continuously at the top of our game, so we can provide you with the best service possible and share our in depth product knowledge.

Sometimes this can mean researching and testing new products on the market and sometimes it can mean going back over the basics.


Step By Step Guide To Improve Your Vehicle Wrapping

Here are our Training and Applications Manager, Gill Harrison’s 4 simple tips to improve your next vehicle wrap.


1.  Never assume that because you’ve been wrapping for years, you don’t need to brush up on new materials and techniques. “Every day is a school day” and the best are the best because they are constantly learning. Check the product bulletins (all available from the product webpage under the downloads tab).

2.  Over the years I constantly hear “do I really need to stock the manufacturer‘s cleaners??”
Short answer is yes, all the best wrap shops have the full complement of branded cleaners. We stock a selection of 3M, Avery Dennison, SOTT and VION cleaners.

3.  Just because it’s warm outside don’t forget to check the temperature of both vehicle & vinyl, it might be that it’s too hot and could result in a nightmare installation.

4.  Keep it clean. When the weather is good we are more tempted to open the doors, but that brings in the dust, get the mop out rather than the brush, and sadly shut the door.


For more helpful vehicle wrapping hints and tips visit https://www.williamsmith.co.uk/hints-and-tips.

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