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3M Wrap Film Series 2080, a game changer



Last year 3M launched the latest and most innovative colour change product available to the market, Wrap Film Series 2080. Superseding the highly successful 1080, the product has proved popular within the circles of vehicle wrappers, sign and graphic companies and general car nuts, with its broad colour appeal.

To help customers get the best out of the film, here are five key points to be aware of when using this film;

1. Textured, metallic, pearl, and colour flip films may have a directional characteristic in their appearance. For the best overall appearance, do not alternate between lengthwise and width wise graphic panels.

2. Film colours vary from lot-to-lot. For consistent looking colour use the same lot number of films for an entire vehicle.

3. When transferring the colour range from 1080 and 1380 to the new 2080 series, 3M have put most effort in aligning each colour as closely as possible. They now have a globally consistent colour appearance; however, a few colours are now slightly different (slightly darker) from the previous ranges, namely 1080-G13, 1080-G14, 1080-GP278, 1080-M13 and 1380-M212 and 1380-M287.

4. All other colours are within the normal lot to lot variability.

5. When choosing a colour for vehicle wraps always remember to refer to the current 2080 colour swatch.

For more product details visit the William Smith website where you’ll find images, product bulletins and application guides.




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