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 Vehicle Wrapping - Application


Matt films should be handled carefully to avoid overstretching the film

Overstretching matt films can make it become glossy. Use heat consistently over a larger area for application. Heating helps to soften the vinyl and make it more conformable, and by applying heat to a larger area you should avoid distorting the film.


3M Controltac films require firm squeegee pressure

When applying 3M Controltac wrapping films, you must use firm consistent pressure to break the glass beads in the adhesive. This enables maximum adhesive contact and avoids any rashing issues, where air pockets appear. 

3M Controltac films perform better....jpg

3M Controltac films perform better between 18-21ºC

The film and vehicle should be stored overnight at this temperature to acclimatise before application. If it is too cold, the film may become too rigid and brittle. The adhesive can also become too hot and tacky at higher temperatures, which can weaken the performance of the Controltac beads losing its repositionability. 

Apply the film to the flatest part of car.jpg

Apply the film to the flattest part of the panels first!

Use this as your anchor point and only work the vinyl into more complicated areas once you are happy with the initial application. This allows the rest of the vinyl to drop into place giving the neatest possible finish.


Post-heating is critical in any areas that have been stretched

Heat inch by inch, always removing the heat gun before reading the temperature of the vinyl. Use an infrared digital thermometer to ensure the film is post-heated to the correct temperature. 


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