Win projects with film

What is film? Is that going to last? How much is that going to be? Are just some of the questions you might be asked when pitching architectural finishes to clients.

Negative perceptions of ‘wraps’ are a clear barrier to getting film specified in certain environments. Changing these perceptions is the ultimate challenge and the question is, how do you do it.

Step 1: Do your homework

As the old saying goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Preparation is everything. Before your first meeting with your client you need to have done your research. What is the spec of the job? How much material is required? Is the pattern in stock? How much is the material? How long will the job take? How much are you charging your customer? You need know the answer to all these questions. Don’t make yourself look silly!

Step 2: Highlight the benefits

Put yourself in your customers shoes. What are their objectives? What do they want to achieve? How is architectural finishes the answer? Remember! Treat all your clients as novices to wrapping films.

Let’s take a hotel for an example. Wrapping doors in a wing is much more efficient and environmentally friendly than ripping out existing doors and replacing them. You can do more work which means more money for you. But, what is in it for them? Wrapping doors means there is no noise. ‘So what?’ I hear you say. But no noise means there is no disruption to the hotel. What does that mean? Rooms can stay open during the renovation which you’ve guessed it, means more reservations!

Keeping the key benefits in mind when pitching architectural finishes to your customers is key to winning projects.

Step 3: Provide evidence

Prove it works. Like anything, having evidence that architectural finishes have proven to be a success in a range of different environments can only strengthen your cause. Make it glaringly obvious that they have no other option but to choose architectural finishes for their refurb.

Show your customers the amazing before and afters. Show them how much they can save. And don’t be lazy, do your own case studies, on your own jobs. This will bring validation and trust to not only the product but to you as the installer as well!

Step 4: Offer a free trial

New products and alternatives brings trepidation with it unfortunately. Your customers are nervous about using a new product obviously, so, you need to ease these concerns.

Why don’t you offer a free trial? Show them free of charge how good these products are. ‘But, its time and money wasted’. Well, just think, that one demo door, could turn into a whole room, which could turn into a whole building, which ends up in a long-lasting relationship with potentially a high-end hotel chain? So yeah, in the long term it’s definitely worth it.

Step 5: Execute the application

‘Actions speak louder than words’.

Ultimately, you need to deliver the goods when it comes to application time. Your time. Your money. Your long-term future in the market is underpinned by the job you do. So, do your training, do your preparation, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to the project. If you do all of that, the world really is your oyster with architectural finishes and the possibilities to succeed and prosper are truly endless.

Having problems winning projects with architectural finishes? We are more than happy to offer our advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing jack@williamsmih.co.uk, or call us on 01833 690305.


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