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How architectural film can help create a positive experience in hotels

by Jack Carr

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Customer experience has never been so important in the hotel environment.

How important I hear you ask? Well. Ryan O’Leary, a Sprinklr writer tells us that it only takes one bad experience for 25% of customers to defect to competitors. This is a hotels worst nightmare!

So how much can architectural finishes impact a customer’s experience?

There is so much that impacts customer experience. A piece from the Conde Nast Traveller talks about a hole multitude of objectives a customer looks for in a hotel.

From cleanliness. To comfort. To price. To food. The list is endless.

Nevertheless. Architectural finishes can impact design in a positive way. And having a fantastic design can help improve your customers experience.

As underlined in our piece on the importance of design in the hotel environment. First impressions are crucial. And you only get one opportunity to make them. Architectural films can provide the desired instant impact on your customer’s.

The high quality, high end look and feel of the 3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl’ products brings positive perceptions in the customers mind instantly.

Nothing beats a homely, comfortable hotel room. Right? Making a hotel feel like a home away from home for customers will make the experience all the more a positive one.

The key home design trends of 2019 embody a wide spectrum of looks. Black and White décor, copper accents, tonal reds, millennial pink, concrete accents and matte finishes are the stand out trends of 2019. The flexibility of the architectural finishes range can meet all these design trends and more!

It’s not only in design where architectural finishes can impact on a customer’s experience in a hotel. Yep. That’s right.

A guest experience begins long before they arrive at your front desk to check in for their stay. Firstly. A guest wants the hotel to be actually open.

During a traditional refurbishment a hotel may have to be closed. Not with film. Using architectural finishes means a refurbishment will not impact a hotels ability to be open with the products being able to be applied in situ.

Okay. A traditional refurbishment may not mean a whole hotel has to close. But it can still have a negative impact on a customer’s experience.

The ‘rip it out’ approach means A LOT of mess and A LOT of noise. Imagine trying to enjoy your time in your hotel room and all you can hear is bang, bang, bang!? Wrap it, don’t rip it. There is no mess and the loudest noise is the equivalent to a hair dryer.

Architectural finishes provide a brilliant balance of design potential and seamless transition. Read more about the impact architectural finishes can have on hotels here: https://www.architextural.co.uk/news/the-new-way-to-design-hotels.

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by Jack Carr
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by Lindsay Appleton

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