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A guide to staying on trend with architectural films

by Leanne Wytcherley


How do we stay on trend in our own lives? How do we get accepted on a day to day basis by the people around us?

We must wear the right clothes, take part in the right hobbies, hold the right job, we even have to socialise in the right way. It’s endless….and hard, right?

I think we need ‘A guide to the perfect life’ never mind these architectural films, but unfortunately, I can’t help you with that.

I can try my best to guide you through keeping your business on trend with architectural films and how to cater for your customer’s needs. Well, hopefully!

Use Social Media

We all need reassurance, especially now we have social media 24 hours a day at the tip of our fingers. Well why not use it to our advantage?

Hashtags are now more powerful than ever. From #mylifeisthebest, #nature, #manutd to #healthyfood, we can find associations to almost anything in the world. Jokes aside, we can use this to our benefit. We can see what’s trending- instantly.

(When I talk about hashtags I mean Instagram in particular, however most social media sites do use hashtags.)

Have a think now of some hashtags that relate to your business or customers. #popularinteriorvinyl #interiorstrending2019 #interiordesign #architecturalfilms2019 #architectural

Going forward use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even Linked’ In.

N.b. Please remember that social media can become an addiction, I don’t want you wasting hours of your time if it isn’t productive. Limit yourself to 30 minutes at a time -you could even use your alarm or timer.

Explore Images/Pictures

Do we really need to see things in person anymore? We order clothes online from a picture , we book a holiday from a picture, we even find partners on dating sites from a picture. Therefore, surely, we can get all the information we need from a picture, yeah?

A picture paints a thousand words.

Do your research, spend 30 minutes browsing online and see what you can find out about architectural trends that are current or about to arrive in late 2019. Can you find any case studies to show your customers?

More importantly, before and after pictures really do go a long way; they probably explain more about what this architectural vinyl can do, than you could! (Sorry).

I recommend Pinterest, We Heart It, DudePins, Hometalk, Fancy and VisualizeUs.

Read Magazines

Although I’ve spent most of my last two points raving about the internet and how fantastic it is to help stay on trend within your business (this still stands). You can’t beat getting to grips with the latest magazines to see what is going on in the mag world. Even though you can get everything you need on the internet today, there’s a reason why magazines are still so popular.

As humans we like something aesthetically pleasing and tangible in our hands to flick through and keep. Especially if you are ‘into’ something. Fashion, sport, gossip, interior design!

After an hour with some of the latest magazines you will not only enjoy your read, but you’ll be fresh with ideas and inspiration for the latest trends. You can then pass these on to your customers.

Try Ideal Home, Living Etc, Elle Décor and House Beautiful.

I hope you have found my guide useful, remember there are other sources out there for you to explore yourself. If you think you could do with some extra support on selling the product, why don’t you come along to our Architexural Sales Course.

Download our Academy Training Course Brochure here.


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