A Guide to Preparing Your Business for an Eco-Friendly Future

Speaking at the opening ceremony of United Nations-sponsored climate talks in Poland this year, national treasure, Sir David Attenborough said "Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate change.”

He’s right and we all know it. Climate change is scary. So scary most of us are burying our heads in the sand until legislation forces change.

But this much needed change is fast approaching.

So, why not embrace the environmental revolution and put your business ahead of the pack? Prepare for an eco-friendly future and adapt your business now.

Vinyl manufacturers are well aware change is on the horizon and have already begun to respond accordingly.

Companies such as 3M and Avery Dennison have observed the fact that the needs of their customers are evolving and embraced the principles of sustainable development to deliver environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional self-adhesive PVC films.

The sign and graphics industry is now able to provide a greener graphic solution without compromising on price or performance, to satisfy the requirements of customers’ sustainability initiatives.

I read recently that sustainability is the best kind of business opportunity and I agree. Get it right and you could increase sales with less impact on the planet’s resources. Responsibility has its rewards.

So, take a lead from the vinyl manufacturers and align your business with the needs of your customers by adding environmentally responsible films to your portfolio. It’s not rocket science and there are films on the market for most applications.


Let’s take a quick look at some environmentally responsible films from William Smith that you could add to your portfolio to make a change:

There are two fantastic digital print vehicle wrap films with a sustainability edge to choose from. Both are 100 percent PVC-free and Greenguard Gold certified (meaning the product has low chemical emissions, not bad ey?).

3M™ Envision™ Print Wrap Film SV/LX 480mC and Avery Dennison® MPI 1405 Easy Apply™ RS. These revolutionary films have a 12 year durability and are suitable for similar applications including vehicles and textured surfaces.


Digital print film options include, 3M™ Envision™ Print Film 48 for intermediate applications. This hugely versatile film is even fire certified for building and transportation applications.

Envision™ Films are non-PVC, phthalate-free, made in part with bio-based materials and manufactured using 60% less solvent. Plus, no added chlorine or other halogens! (Those clever people at 3M have devised a method to produce these products without intentionally adding any chemicals of concern. Wow, very impressive 3M!)


What about short-term digital print films for your new portfolio of sustainable products? Avery Dennison® GP 3400 Greenline Series is the ideal candidate.

This product is available in a variety of face film finishes and adhesive options to suit all applications from promotional graphics to short term window graphics.

Avery Greenline GP films reflect Avery Dennison’s commitment to sustainable business success through responsible economic, social and environmental practises. Very commendable!

Here’s how they earn their credentials; Greenline GP films are manufactured using a PVC-free, phthalate-free polyolefin and solvent free emulsion acrylic adhesive and kraft paper liner and contain no polyvinylchloride or monomeric plasticizers – Loving the ‘green’ thinking Avery Dennison!


I know all this science stuff is hard to take in, so I won’t go into detail but, there are also greener options for translucent and diffuser films in the 3M™ Envision™ range.

3M™ Envision™ products for illuminated signs embrace the future of LED signage, a more sustainable and cost-effective technology, with the introduction of colour translucent films, inkjet printable translucent films and diffuser films.

Previously, a whole tonne of LEDs were needed to achieve the same level of brightness created by fluorescent lighting, often making the use of LED’s impractical – you literally couldn’t fit enough LED’s in the sign!

However, with the arrival of Envision™ films for illuminated signs the sign and graphics industry can enjoy higher film light transmission properties meaning the use of LED’s is now a viable option. Yey!


So, isn’t it time you added environmentally responsible films to your portfolio?

With the world’s attention firmly placed on a greener, more sustainable future, vinyl manufacturers will almost certainly have many more environmentally responsible films in the pipeline.

Don’t get left behind, prepare your business now for an eco-friendly future.

If this has given you food for thought, why not give our sales team a call on 01833 690305 or email clare@williamsmith.co.uk to chat through preparing your business for an eco-friendly future?

To learn more about the importance of sustainability checkout the United Nations website.

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