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4 reasons to join our Training Academy

You may have heard us mention ‘knowledge is power’. Quite a few times I’d say. On our emails, social media, invites and so on. But, at the end of the day, it’s true. This is exactly why we decided to refurb and grow our training facility here at Grove Works in Barnard Castle.

Just under 2 years ago we developed an Inspiration Centre which holds the theory and social arena of any training course! Plus, a bigger and better Wrap Room; to gets hands on & down and dirty with vinyl!!

I bet I’ve intrigued you already…. well let’s dig a little deeper and get onto these reasons.

1. Variety of knowledge

Like I mentioned, just under 2 years ago we developed our site so that it held a larger and better training facility- ‘The Academy’. Before then we had one wrap course a month, whereas now we have developed it to hold 11 courses- from vehicle wrapping, to window films, to architectural films- we now seem to have it all!

When you get yourself to one course, you'll find yourself wanting to book onto another. Trust me.

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One of the major selling points of our courses are our trainers. Fact.

Gill Harrison is our Sales and Training Application Manager. She's been working at William Smith’s for 32 years- she was only 15!!! Gill is now one of our longest serving members of staff, wow-we!

With experience comes knowledge, and listen to me, she’s got it in abundance! Feedback shows that her personable skills and tricks of the trade serve as long lasting tools once customers have left one of our courses. Her real-life examples and situations help attendees to deal with problems on their future jobs.

Gill is a trainer on ALL of our courses- that must be for a reason, right?

And then there’s Mike-Polish, straight talking, hair like Sonic and a fantastic wrapper!

Mike Szwacki is one of the Trainers on our Vehicle Wrap Training Course, he has his own wrapping company in Middlesbrough (MEK Wrap Squad) and in the past has been named second best wrapper in the world!! Not only this, but Mike is the only wrapper in the UK accredited by 3M, Avery Dennison and Arlon! He likes to keep it competitive- always entering competitions and achieving records to keep his name fresh and out there in this ever-growing industry.


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3. Facilities

Everyone likes a nice environment, right? It makes us feel better, live more and even work harder! This is why we’ve taken pride in producing our new Inspiration Centre (take a glimpse below), larger wrap room and more recently, we’ve developed our William Smith Training Academy brand.

It’s the little things that count and give our customers an experience to remember. We've an expensive coffee machine (if I don’t mind saying so myself), a tv to relax in front of at break times, some lovely comfy leather sofas, and you even get a water bottle to take away and refill to remember us (+ help save the environment!). Not to mention the lovely fresh lunch we provide for every day you’re on one of our courses.

We really do look after you!!     


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4. Resources

All of our Academy training courses are at our main site in Barnard Castle. We’re one of the largest material suppliers in the UK, with thousands of materials available AND in stock.

With our bigger and better Material Warehouse we can cater for our customers’ needs more than ever. Our full range is endless (literally), with leading brands including 3M, Avery Dennison, Arlon, VION, Contra Vision, Cover Styl’, Squid and R-Tape.

This means that when you want to take your training to the next level, we can supply you with everything you need- no problemo! From, material, accessories, to advice from our fab sales team, we’ve got your back! (Sorry about the cheese, but it’s true.)

With William Smith’s now employing over 100 people, we have an interesting site for you to explore. You'll receive a site tour, so you can really get to see what we’re about!

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Your opportunities are endless and remember… knowledge is power!

View our Training Academy calendar to see what tickles your fancy.

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