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3M Print Wrap Film IJ180mC- now for 3D


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Innovate your wraps!

Responding to market demand, 3M has put its range of IJ180mC Print Wrap Films through greater levels of testing and can now confirm all IJ180mC films are 3D conformable; suitable for the most challenging shapes and curves.

In addition, 3M can also confirm that the white gloss (IJ180mC-10), transparent (IJ180mC-114) and metallic (IJ180mC-120) print wrap films in the IJ180mC Series all have 130 percent stretch, allowing the films to conform to recesses, curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets without snapping back.

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The detail.

> 3D-conformable optionsfor every preference, style and appplication.

> Up to 130% stretch

> Controltac and Comply adhesive features for repositionability and air release

> Up to 10 year durability 




The Professional's Choice.