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Products - Edge-lit Signs
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Edge-lit Signs   Link to image gallery

Each Luminedge unit provides slim edge profiles, as thin as 45mm, and even light distribution to provide sharp image clarity and definition. Developed using Perspex® Prismex® technology, all Luminedge units are easy to maintain, energy efficient and can be supplied with or without graphics. Non-illuminated units are also available.

Luminedge edge-lit signs

There are currently 6 extrusions in the product range:

  • Frame SignLuminedge Blade Sign
    With simple lockable access points or screw fixings for permanent displays
  • Poster Box
    Hidden hinge system makes the box ideal for both internal and external applications
  • Circular Blade Sign
    Ideal for hanging or wall mounting this unit offers permanent or changeable faces.
  • Oval Blade Sign
    (Small and large available) Hinged door designed for easy access to electrical components.
  • Blade Sign
    Single or double sided units with bright and even illumination.


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